Hi, I'm oaktal! I also go by Sam. Welcome to my webshit! I mostly use this place as a dumping ground for random stuff, such as my projects, ideas, and interests. Go on reading if you want to know more about me, or check out the list of links on the right (or below for phones) to see what random shit I've already put here.

About Me

I am a furry computer nerd who lives on the west coast of the United States. I love fiction, indie games, programming, web design, and people-watching. I also appreciate simplicity and minimalism, though I'm not always that great at it in practice.

My Stuff

I make games! You can check them out at my itch.io page. My latest (and first) game, WORM•HOLE, is a PICO-8 action game about destroying asteroids in the orbit of a wormhole!

I also like to write. You can find my attempts at that under either of my gemini capsules: my capsule here at oaktal.com contains my philosophical ponderings and tech endeavors, while my capsule over at unix.dog has most of my attempts at fiction and thoughts about furry stuff.

Procrastination is my favorite activity. During the considerable majority of my time that I'm not working on something I am on the search for interesting articles to read, groundbreaking games to play, and fascinating video essays to obsess over. If you for some reason have an interest in my opinions, you can look at my lists of favorite things here!